1. The Graduate School Executive Board (Enstitü Yönetim Kurulu; EYK) appoints thesis advisors for Thesis Graduate Degree students in their second semesters, and for Doctorate Degree students in their third semesters. The thesis advisor of a student is also their academic advisor.
    • Once a thesis advisor has been assigned, students wishing to work with a different thesis advisor may complete B-1 Thesis Advisor Request/Change Form and deliver their forms to the Head of the Department Major.
  2. Students for whom a thesis advisor has been assigned are to receive advisor approval for their thesis subjects and proposals until begining of third semester, and inform the Head of the Department Major accordingly via B-2 Thesis Title Setting Form.
  3. Thesis graduate degree and doctorate degree students who have been approved to initiate their thesis preparation process should adhere to the Thesis Writing Guidelines while preparing their theses.
    • From their third semester onwards, all thesis graduate degree students are required to select their thesis courses with respect to the sections of their advisors while starting each semester. The relevant section lists are announced on the Web page of our Graduate School before the course selection period.
    • Similarly, our Doctorate Degree students are required to select courses with respect to the sections of their advisors on the stages of adequacy, thesis proposal, and thesis monitoring committee.
  4. When students and their thesis advisors deem theses ready for the defense stage, students are to deliver the spiral-bound copies of their theses, along with B-3 Thesis Submission Form, to the Graduate School, with both documents bearing the approval by their advisors.
  5. The delivery date should be one month before the desired date for the defense session for the semester, the latest. The due date for thesis defense sessions is announced on the academic calendar.
  6. The Head of the Department Major, and the EYK determine the jury members, as well as the date, time, and venue of the defense session for students having delivered their theses. These students are informed of such via e-mail. (Students are advised to check their “student.atilim.edu.tr” e-mail at every stage.)
  7. After the aforementioned information has been shared, students share digital or printed copies of their theses with their jury members; and deliver B-4 Delivery to Jury Members Report, signed by their jury members, to the Graduate School, before their defense session.
  8. Then, students prepare the “Acceptance and Approval” page relevant to their theses. Students are to receive Graduate School approval on the conformity of their Acceptance and Approval pages when delivering their B-4 to the Graduate School.
  9. Students are expected to have a copy of A-6 Thesis Defense Exam Report; a copy of A-5 Thesis Evaluation Report for each jury member, and 6 copies of their Acceptance and Approval pages, all available to be presented to the jury members, before their thesis defense session. A-5 and A-6 are delivered to the Graduate School by either the advisors, or the Head of Department Major, within 3 days the latest, following a thesis defense session.
    • The wet-signed “Acceptance and Approval” pages are to be added to the finalized thesis volume to be delivered to the Graduate School. Therefore, students are to keep these pages.
    • The Graduate School Director is to sign the relevant field on the Acceptance and Approval page in the finalized bound copy to be delivered to the Graduate School. The signature by the Graduate School Director is not required before the delivery.
  10. All forms must be signed with a blue pen.


Thesis Procedures after the Thesis Defense Session

  1. Students should expect one of the three outcomes:
    • Acceptance: The thesis defense has been successful (content corrections may be required).
    • Rejection: The thesis defense has failed. Students with rejected theses are dismissed from the University.
    • Extension: The defense jury convenes within, at most, three months for graduate degree students, and six months for doctorate degree students, to decide to either accept, or reject, the thesis in question. The date of the next convention is determined by the jury members and the students in collaboration. No approvals from the relevant Graduate School are necessary while setting a new date.
  2. Jury members sign the six copies of the Acceptance and Approval page approved by the Graduate School at the end of the thesis defense session, or later (if the thesis in question is accepted). The Graduate School Director’s signature comes at the last stage.
  3. Students with their theses accepted send their theses to atilimsbetez@gmail.com for corrections in form, after completing the corrections suggested by the jury. The relevant advisors are to be added to the CC field.
  4. Students deliver three bound copies of their theses for which approval has been granted by atilimsbetez@gmail.com for printing procedures, as well as three electronic CD copies of their theses in PDF, and five copies of the thesis data entry form (if your major at Atılım University is not available on this web site, please contact the International Students Office.) to the Graduate School within a month following their thesis exam dates.  An additional month of extension may be granted upon student request via the EYK. Students failing to meet these conditions may not receive their diploma and may not be granted student rights until the conditions are met; and should the maximum period be exceeded; they are to be dismissed from the University.