Atılım University faculties have training and research laboratories to world standards. Established in modern locations for providing the scientific development of Atılım University students, the laboratories have been equipped with all the required equipment such as computer systems, data communication and Networks, manufacturing tools, experiment and testing instruments. In line with the importance Atılım University pays to scientific infrastructure, activities for the establishment of new laboratories for educational and research purposes in addition to existing ones are continuing.
  1. General Computer Laboratories (7)
  2. Super-conductor Synthesis and Characterisation Laboratory
  3. Semi-conductor Enlargement and Characterisation Laboratory
  4. Management Systems Engineering Laboratory 
  5. Multimedia Research and Application Development Laboratory
  6. Ergonomics Laboratory
  7. Network Laboratory
  8. Information Systems Laboratory
  9. Materials of Construction Laboratory
  10. Simulation Laboratory
  11. Soil Mechanics Laboratory
  12. General Chemistry Laboratory
  13. Electrochemical and Electro polymerization Research Laboratory
  14. Anorganic and Organic Chemistry Synthesis Research Laboratory
  15. Biochemistry and Bioanorganic Chemistry Research Laboratory
  16. Rock Mechanics Laboratory
  17. General Physics Laboratory
  18. Physics  Mechanics Laboratory
  19. Physics  Electromagnetic Laboratory
  20. Computer Aided Design (CAD) Laboratory
  21. Management Systems Engineering Laboratory
  22. Basic Electronics & Digital Design Systems Laboratory
  23. Advanced Electronics and Communication Laboratory
  24. Microprocessor and Signal Processing Laboratory
  25. Manufacturing Laboratory
  26. Symbolic Manipulation Laboratory
  27. Mechatronics Prototype Design and Manufacturing Laboratories
  28. Mechatronics Systems Laboratory
  29. Robotics Laboratory
  30. Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems Laboratory
  31. EDM, Micro EDM and Micro Processor Laboratory
  32. Metallography Laboratory of Materials Engineering
  33. Mechanical Testing Laboratory of Materials Engineering
  34. Student Laboratory of Mechatronics Engineering
  35. Mechatronics Design and Manufacturing Laboratories
  36. Bio-mimetic Design Laboratory
  37. RF Laboratory
  38. Simultaneous Language Laboratory
  39. Experimental Psychology Research and Application Laboratory
  40. Heat Treatment Laboratory
  41. Materials Characterization Laboratory
  42. Casting and Solidification Laboratory
  43. Mini / Micro Machine / Robots Laboratory
  44. Fluids Mechanics Laboratory
  45. Materials of Construction Laboratory
  46. Simulation Laboratory
  47. GIS and Topography Laboratory
  48. Asphalt Laboratory