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2017-2018 Academic Calendar


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1) Important Information with regard to the Applications for the Projects to be Supported within the scope of BAD:

  • Interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary research might be preferable.
  • Projects can be prepared individually or as a group.
  • Projects shall be designed for a fundamental or applied research to produce knowledge/technology/product.
  • All kinds of machinery, equipment, devices, software, book and articles can be purchased and travel (transportation, accommodation, food) expenses can be made in order to conduct the project; however, these expenses (**) must be related to the subject of the project. Expenses arising from the participation in conferences, symposiums, fairs etc. will not be covered by the budget.
  • In addition to the financial support provided by the University, the project executives will be able to receive financial support (grants), either financial or in kind, by applying to other institutions and organizations for the execution and completion of the project.

2) Primary Criteria in the Evaluation of BAD Proposals

  • To be a scientific study in high-potential important cultural and artistic fields,  in addition to the scientific studies and research in Natural and Applied Sciences and Social Sciences,
  • To have multiple disciplines and executives and cover the projects involving collaborations between departments and faculties,
  • Project proposals must address an original research topic or an original cultural or artistic activity,
  • Projects must have potential to be published in the journals within the scope of “Web of Science” or national or international exhibitions and similar organizations (for the disciplines of art).
  • Jury shall evaluate the potential of the projects to receive support from institutions/organizations such as TUBITAK, State Planning Organization, European Union or be conducted as an industry-supported project or international project (after the completion of project, ARGEDA-TTO will provide support for the realization of this condition).

3) Requirements to be Fulfilled, If Project Proposals are accepted

After the completion of projects, at least one of below written conditions must be fulfilled:

  • The results of the studies conducted within the scope of project must be published in a journal within the scope of “Web of Science”,
  • Project team must conduct at least one graduate or postgraduate study in project subjects,
  • Project executives must apply for a patent if the studies to be conducted within the scope of project result in an invention,
  • After the execution and completion of project, project executors are expected to make an attempt to receive external support from industrial institutions and organizations or national or international institutions/organizations such as TUBITAK, State Planning Organization, European Union or HORIZON 2020 to develop the research.

After the completion of project, realization of these conditions will be followed by ARGEDA-TTO.


Proposal calendar will be announced in the BAD announcement of the University for each academic year.

5) (*) Scholarship Payments in Starting Research Support Projects

  • Project executives, researcher academicians and instructors shall not receive additional payment.
  • Undergraduate students of Atilim University to work in the projects may receive scholarship up to TL 400, graduate students up to TL 750 and postgraduate students up to TL 1000. Scholarship undergraduate students shall work minimum 20 hours per months. Total amount of scholarship to be paid should not exceed 35% of project budget.

6) (**) Travel Expenses in Starting Research Support Projects

  • Transportation: Project executives may prefer airline (economy class) or land transportation for the travels related to projects.  If private vehicles are taken for travels, project executives must indicate the distance and route so that travel allowance (6 lt non-leaded fuel per 100km) is paid.  Taxi may be taken in local transportation; however maximum TL 100 can be paid for taxi fares.
  • Accommodation (Per Day): Maximum TL 150 shall be paid for domestic travels and EURO 150 for foreign travels.
  • Food (Per Day): Food expenses are limited to TL 60 for project executives and researchers per day and TL 50 for assistants and other personnel.  Maximum EURO 50 shall be paid in foreign travels per day.  Half of above-mentioned amounts shall be paid for one-day local and intercity travels.
  • Total Limit: If the term of project is one year, maximum TL 3.000 shall be paid for domestic work visits including transportation, accommodation and food expenses and TL 7.000 for foreign visits.
  • All expenses must be related to projects and within project calendar. Additionally, all expenses must be documented.  Undocumented expenses shall not be paid.