Facilities for Special Needs Students

In our university campus, the handicapped students are provided with the following facilities to make their lives easy and meaningful:

  • In order to ensure equality in education, and according to the differences stemming from the students’ nature of disability , they are provided with an aide each in the exams; and in foreign language classes writing skill is improved rather than the reading skill.
  • Special elavators, toilets and platforms are available for handicaaped to move easily from one place to another in the campus .
  • The university bus services are availble for transportation.
  • Necessary safety precautions against emergency and fire incidences are taken .
  • People responsible to help solve their psychological problems and guide are employed.
  • Bureaucratic issues are simplfied and made smoother.
  • Time tables are designed so as not to create problems in their academic lives.
  • Help is provided for those who have difficulty in financial issues regarding tuition fees.
  • Potential problems are identified , measures are taken and students are given help accordingly.
  • Special parking lots are allocated inside the campus..
  • Priority is given to them for councelling , internship and job oppurtunities.
  • Primacy and priority are provided for them about services in common places such as canteen and cafeterias.
  • Smooth and easy ways are facilitated to reach, contact and interact with their


Regulations of Atılım University for Handicapped People for Life and Property Security in Case of Fire


  • The principle aim is to provide security for physically handicapped people (people who have movement, hearing and visual impairment) in case of emergency and fire to take place at the university campus as they have special cases and are faced with various drawbacks.
  • Disabled people shall be served the same security processes regardless of their positions as students, academics, administrative or technical staff.
  • Within the scope of this implementation, the fact that whether or not the students registered as well as administrative and academic staff employed, are handicapped shall be identified; if any, then types/kinds of their disabilities will be identified.
  • Identification and classification of the handicapped shall be carried out during registration process of students and during the recruitment process of the personnel.
  • If there are handicapped people at the university considering the deficiency situation, the university shall make a plan about what they are going to do and how they are going to act in case of emergency. Moreover, they shall be informed and trained by some personnel assigned to help these people.
  • The information about identification, classification and education of handicapped people will be gathered, reported and necessary activities shall be recorded in the archives.
  • The officers of Handicapped Students Unit are responsible for the implementation of these regulations.