The names of students placed to Atılım Üniversity by the Student Selection and Placement Center,  were announced on our website and the accurate information about the registration procedure is annonced on our web site. Atılım Üniversity invites students who are enrolled to programs to the campus to complete the final registration process. All procedures related to the admission must be completed by the students themselves, unless a written justification is stated. The registration process, is conducted by the Directorate of Student Affairs..

Students wishing to register to graduate programs must submit their application directly or online to the secretary of related Graduate School together with all necessary documents for registration. After the deadline for final registration date on the Academic Calendar,  Registrar's Office declared executes the required registration process.

Foreign students who are found as eligible to study at Atılım University, announced on the website after evaluating the applications. A "Acceptance Letter" is prepared for these students  in order to utilize both in the visa process and in the process of diploma equivalence. Students are required to complete the registration process during the registration date declared by providing the necessary documents.

The registration of international exchange student is carried out in the framework of  the bilateral agreements signed between the Atılım University with partner universities (Erasmus or Academic Protocol).  According to the conditions specified in the protocols, exchange students can enroll to appropriate courses through one or two semesters at Atılım University. At the end of the semester, an official transcript showing grades and ECTS credits of all courses taken by students are delivered to all international students.