Our university aimed to contribute our students with studies that enhance them both scientifically and culturally, provide them vision, add different values and specialities, help them take steps in that direction by setting targets as well as to contribute to their personal growths via social surroundings with a principle of ‘It is the quality social life that completes a quality education’.

In parallel with these purposes, student clubs, being the most important element to create the university’s social and cultural media, were supported in every respect, and 63 different clubs in different fields were created in this regard, and % 60 of our students by enrolling to these clubs have learned the leadership and team work, and contributed to their personal growths by gaining experience from different fields.

Clubs, by carrying out technical and social tours, panels, conferences, conversations, cultural and artistic activities within their own fields, have taken the opportunity to realize the business life in pupillage and to share the created social media.