At the beginning of the enrollment process, Office of International Affairs sends a detailed information package to all exchange students with the aim of helping them complete the necessary procedure smoothly.  In this package, the students can find information about the  city, university, accommodation, and social life etc.



Additionally, there is a  "Buddy System" at Atılım Universitywhich consists of Atılım students who voluntarily help incoming students adapt to Ankara and the social life. These buddy students are the ones who previously took part in Erasmus Student Mobility and this system assists the students in sharing common experience and knowledge. Below is some practical information for exchange students.



Buddy System


All incoming students should contact with International Relations Office to learn their mentor students before arrival. After that, they should contact to mentor students to inform them about their date of arrival.


A mentor can help the incoming student about his/her Erasmus experience in many ways:  picking  you up at the station when you arrive, showing you the  city, helping you to buy a phone-card, taking you to the  International office, to look for a flat and to make new  friends.


The mentor will pick you up at the airport (or elsewhere) and take you to your room. In addition,  you will get help to settle in and get an introduction to Atılım University and your new surroundings  in Turkey.






International students need a student visa issued by a registration and must be obtained before  entering Turkey. Please make sure that you apply for the student visa at the Turkish Consulate in  your country as soon as you receive your acceptance letter.




International students are urged to purchase appropriate insurance for emergency and hospitalization valid in Turkey. International students are responsible for any cost of hospitalization or for medical service or treatment not available at University campus.




What to Bring



Turkey is a country having four seasons. Each season has its distictive chareacteristics. During mid-October to mid-March, the weather is cold as -10- 0 °C. It is advisable to bring warmer clothing  including a warm coat or jacket, as well as waterproof boots or shoes.  In the spring and summer during mid-March to mid-October temperature rises to 25-35 °C, so you  should also bring light clothing items.






If the student brings her/his own computer, as most homes including the dorm rooms outside

campus have an internet connection. There is a wireless network at Atılım, which all students can  connect to. In case the student do not own a computer, he/she can use the computer facilities on campus.



Mobile Phone

It might be a good idea to bring or buy a mobile phone while you are in Turkey, especially if you  are staying for more than one semester.


Pick-up Service

If you have assigned a mentor, they will pick you up from Havaş shuttle bus stops or Esenboğa International Terminal in Ankara. Havaş shuttle buses provide transportation between the city center  and Esenboğa airport. There are two stops of Havaş shuttle buses; one is at AŞTİ (Ankara Intercity  Bus Terminal) and the other is Havaş City Terminal in Ulus. For further details please visit the web page:



Residence Permit


All international students, regardless of status, must obtain a residence permit from the Foreigners  Section at the Directorate of Security (Police) in each province. International students are required  by law to register within one month after entering Turkey. Our International Office assists you for this  procedure.


Documents Required for Residence Permit:

1. Passport

2. Photocopy of the passport (ID page, students visa page showing last arrival date stamp)

3. One copy of “Declaration for Residence Permit form” (typewritten)

4. 3 ID photos

5. One copy of “Student Personal Information Form” obtained from Student Affairs

6. Application Fee (approximately 100 USD or 75 Euros)


E-mail account

All students need to have an Atılım e-mail account. Please apply to Computer Center to get your  username and password. It is of great importance that you check your Atılım e-mail regularly,  since it is used to remind you some procedures and deadlines in Atılım.


Student Card

Every student at Atılım gets a student card. After registration procedures completed, exchange  students pick up their student card at the desk of Student Affairs.



Banks and Currency

The Turkish Lira (TL) is the currency of Turkey. One USD is approximately 1.8 TL and one EURO around  2.3 TL (July 2012)


Banks are open Monday to Friday between 9.00-16.00. Most banks have extended their opening  hours to 17.30 in weekdays. The banks are closed on weekends.


Most shops accept VISA or MASTER cards. If the student wishes to open a Turkish bank account,  he/she should ask the bank for advise about the different options and the costs associated with  them. The student should also bring his/her ID-card, e.g. passport with him/her when he/she wants  to open the account.




Our University is situated at a newly prospering settlement near İncek Village, Ankara, 20 km away from the city center, and 6 km from the freeway.


Transportation is possible via private service busses, and public ring busses run by the local municpality (Number 101) and also Ulus-Gölbaşı-İncek minibusses.