Atılım Universty Student Affairs Office executes transactions related to the students' education and training  and  bring solutions to the problems of students in this regard. In addition, our University Student Affairs Office conducts the procedure of student admissions process settled with the central placement, ensures that records of official acts such as academic performance and graduation process execution are kept.


Although, EU and International Relations Office takes the  delivery of paperwork of International exchange students, the completion of the registration process is performed by Directorate of Student Affairs. The registration process of the Foreign Students is under the responsibility of the Student Affairs Office.



    Prof. Dr. Hüsnü Aksoy, Acting Dean of Students

     Telephone : +90 312 586 82 60      

     Fax : +90 312 586 80 91



     Orkun Başol,  Director of Student Affairs

     Telephone: +90 312 586 82 01