ECTS - - Master’s Program in Applied Economics (with Thesis)

- The applicant must be graduated from one of the departmens of a faculty of economics, administrative and social sciences.

- The applicant must have an ALES grade of 55 or above.

- The applicant must have a YDS grade of 50 or above.

- The international applicants must have a TOEFL grade of 72 or above.

- The applicant must be found successful in the interview to be made according to Atılım University Social Sciences Institute Regulation on Education and Examination.

  The regulation can be accessed through website.


The documents needed for application are listed below:


- Undergraduate diploma.

- Undergraduate transcript.

- A copy of ALES exam result.

- A copy of YDS exam result.

- The certificate showing that the applicant has done, or is exempt from military service. (For male Turkish citizens only.)

- A copy of identity card.