ECTS - - Mathematics Master of Science with Thesis

Acceptance to MS program is done in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Institute of Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences (Item No:5) as outlined in the address

Foreign students are accepted to the program either by their scores on internationally recognized exams such as SAT and ACT, or by their high school graduation grades.

The acceptance of exchange students is based on the agreements (Erasmus or General Academic Protocols) between Atilim University and the exchange partner university.

The following rules apply for the acceptance of foreign students to MS programs:

  1. University diploma and transcript
  2. Letter(s) of approval(s) for the items in (1) by Higher Education Council (YÖK)
  3. Student performance and relevance to the applied program
  4. Result of the interview by the Department concerned
  5. Letter of intention
  6. A reference letter
  7. English proficiency:
    • Atilim University Proficiency Exam: 60, YDS:60, or equivalent proficiency as determined by the University Senato
    • Because the medium of education is English, the students who cannot certify their English Language Proficiency are required to attend the Preparatory School for a period of one year.