Makale Yayını "Team Decision Making Questionnaire Turkish Form (TDMQTR): Validity and Reliability Study"

Bölüm Başkanımız D. Melek ER SABUNCUOĞLU'nun "Team Decision Making Questionnaire Turkish Form (TDMQTR): Validity and Reliability Study" başlıklı çalışması yayımlanmıştır.

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Abstract Objectives: Professionals in the fields of education and health who work with children with special needs and their families should be in communication and cooperation. At each stage of these services, professionals specialized in different fields provide services to the child and family with different perspectives. In this way, it is ensured that children are evaluated in a multidimensional and comprehensive manner, and their families are informed. However, some difficulties may be encountered in the implementation of teamwork in the process of providing health, rehabilitation and education services to children and their families with special needs in Turkey. In the literature, although there are research studies on "teamwork" in some occupational groups in the field of health, to our knowledge there are no similar studies in the field of education. Based on this, a questionnaire is researched and this study is planned for the decision-making situation of the professional groups that provide services to children in our country. Materials and Methods: The aim of the study is to examine the Turkish validity and reliability of the Team Decision Making Questionnaire developed by Batorowicz and Shepherd. 167 professionals working with children from both education and health fields participated in the study. Results: As a result of the statistical analysis of the data, the overall Cronbach α coefficient of TDMQ-TR was 0.96, the Guttmann Split-Two Half Reliability Coefficient was 0.92, and the correlation between both halves of the questionnaire was 0.86. The 19-item questionnaire is integrated with a single factor and 61.75 percent of the total variance is explained. Conclusion: As a result, TDMQ-TR is proven to be a reliable and valid tool for evaluating the team decisionmaking process. Keywords: Interprofessional, questionnaire, reliability, team work, validity