Seminer (16.03.2016)


"How Migrants Affect Natives’ Self-Assessed Health? 
Survey Evidence from Turkey"

Binnur Balkan 

Tarih: 16.03.2016, saat 13:00
Yer: İşletme Fakültesi Seminer Odası (No:415)


Immigrant might affect natives through several channels, one of them being the health channel. Arrival of immigrants might result in spread of disease, contagion of new diseases, and excess demand on health services. In this paper, we employ the unexpected arrival of Syrian refuges to Southern Turkey as a natural experiment and examine the effects of migrants on natives self-assessed health outcomes. We use a difference-in-differences strategy to identify causal effects. We show that, natives perceived health worsen in immigrant receiving areas. We claim that one of the reasons behind that perception change might be the hardship in accessing health services. Results are robust to different specifications of control and treatment groups. A pseudo-treatment experiment suggests there were no similar effect before the arrival of Syrian refugees.