SFL Teacher Research Conference - 11 06 2019


Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of  Atılım School of Foreign Languages, we are pleased to invite you to ELT Teacher Research Conference to  be held on June 13th  2019 at  School of Foreign Languages .

Morning session will start at 10:00 with opening speeches of our director and chairpersons at SFL Conference Hall (B floor) after coffee and tea break sessions will continue with concurrent Power Point Presentations in  rooms 210-211-212

After the lunch break  at 13:30 we will come together  at SFL Conference Hall ( B floor) again for poster presentations of  teacher research studies .

We would be delighted if you could join us to hear what the English instructors in the School of Foreign Languages, as  researchers, will share regarding  our actual  applications in the classes. 

We look forward to having your presence at this special event.

School of Foreign Languages, PD Unit


2019 School of Foreign Languages


Thursday 13  June 2019  School of Foreign Languages Conference Hall ( B floor)

Morning Session

10:00-10:30  Opening Speeches  Asst. Prof. Dr. Abdullah Ertaş- Feride Güven- Prof. Dr. Meltem H. Baturay

( SFL Conference Hall- B floor)

10:30-11:00  coffee, tea, cookies ( 2nd Floor)

ROOM 210


 Cemre ÇİÇEK  ( Does L1 have an effect on linguistic relativity? A study on future tense conception of English Language Learners of Turkish speakers)

 Meltem  T. EROĞLU (Exploring Language Teacher identity perceptions at higher education)

Onur ÖZKAYNAK-Hilal TUNÇ- Zeynep ARSLAN ( A qualitative case study : Self  efficacy and attitudes of PDU members towards professional development activities)

ROOM 211

11:00- 12:30  

Zeynep DOĞAN- Emine KUTLU ( Understanding our students’ experiences of achieve 3000)

Aslıhan EROL ( Technology based method- The perception of students)

ROOM 212


Dr. Ahmet YASTIBAŞ ( Dealing with academic proscrastination in an EAP setting)

Meriç TÜMER ( The effects of audio-visual assessment tests of EFL learners on listening comprehension compared to audio-only)

Duygu ÖZMEN ( Raising EFL students’ awareness of reading strategies)


12:30-13:30 LUNCH BREAK

Afternoon Session

SFL Conference Hall ( B Floor)

Poster Presentations


Bengü CİLALI- Yağmur BALCI ( Instructors’ attitudes towards Flipped  Learning)

Didem DEMİRMAN ( Teachers’ wellbeing and positive self talk)

Ceren ÇINAR- Can Ece BOZ ( Practice makes perfect. Is it a myth or fact among Z generation?)

Ekin Ergün- Burçak ŞAHAN ( Foreign language anxiety)

Kenan KÖSEMEHMETOĞLU ( The use of additional guidance materials to increase class participation (in video tasks)

Buray GÜR- Seda KARADENİZ- Asuman BAYRAM ( Frequency of quizes)

Merve GÜREL ( Effect of corpus training on students’ writing performance)

Tuğçenur  KAVGACI ( Motivation of ENG 102 students in presentation activities)

Esra EMEKLİ ( The use of Kahoot as a teaching strategy in vocabulary and grammar teaching)



Poster Discussions



Closing Remarks  Mine BELLİKLİ