seminar open courseware initiative in turkey

Subject : Seminar: "Open Courseware Initiative in Turkey"
Details : Speaker: Ali Yazıcı Date/Time: March 4, 2009 (Wednesday) 16:30 Place: Department Meeting Room
Submitted By : Güler Kalem
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Submit Date : 2009-03-25


Developments in educational course technology created many opportunities for the educators to prepare and present course material efficiently and effectively over the net using affordable digital equipment and computers. OCW is the natural outcome of these efforts and is mainly based on the concept of “sharing” the online material locally and globally. In developing countries with acceptable Internet access, it would be feasible to implement OCW project in native tongue to minimize the negative effects of digital divide.

In this seminar, first, OCW basics will be reviewed and components and levels of online course material will be introduced. Worldwide OCW efforts and OCW Consortium formed by the 45 Turkish Universities and the activities of the consortium will be discussed next. Finally, future of OCW and suggestions for expanding OCW in Turkey will be given.