Information Centric Engineering (ICE) Frameworks for the Domain of Micro Devices Assembly


This presentation will provide an overview on the emergence of Information Centric Engineering (ICE) frameworks for the domain of micro devices assembly.  MEMS technologies cannot be used when a micron size part design possesses complex features and varying material properties; in such contexts, micro assembly techniques have to be adopted to assemble a target design.  The creation of agile cyber - physical environments in the context of ICE to support the assembly of micro devices will be discussed.  The domain of Micro Assembly requires various heterogeneous resources which are physically distributed.  In this context, the design of an advanced Internet based collaborative approach (supporting the use of such distributed resources) assumes significance; a Semantic Web based approach is proposed as part of the ICE framework.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Joe Cecil, Center for Information Based Bioengineering and Manufacturing (CINBM), Oklahoma State University, USA


Dr. Cecil is an Associate Professor in the School of Industrial Engineering and directs Center for Information Based Bioengineering and Manufacturing (CINBM).  His research and teaching interests are in Information Centric Engineering including design of cyber physical systems, adoption of virtual prototyping and distributed computing frameworks for collaborative manufacturing.  Dr. Cecil’s current research projects deal with ICE themes for various process domains including micro / nano assembly, bio cell manipulation and small satellite assembly.  He is also a pioneer in the design and use of Virtual Learning Environments for engineering courses. Current and past funding sponsors include the National Science Foundation, Sandia National Laboratories, the Missile Defense Agency and the Air Force Research Laboratory. Dr. Cecil has a background in both Mechanical and Industrial Engineering; his doctoral degree is in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University.


Yer: Mühendislik Fakültesi - Cevdet Kösemen Konferans Salonu
Tarih: 13.10.2011, Perşembe Saat: 14:30