Seminar: Cryogenic Processing of Materials - 09 05 2015

Seminar: "Cryogenic Processing of Materials: Improved Surface Integrity from Engineered Surfaces for Enhanced Product Quality and Performance"

Date: May 20,2015 at 14:30

Speaker: I.S. Jawahir, Prof.Dr.

Place: Metal Forming Center of Excellence Conference Room



Cryogenic Processing of Materials:

Improved Surface Integrity from Engineered Surfaces for Enhanced

Product Quality and Performance



I.S. Jawahir

Professor of Mechanical Engineering,

James F. Hardymon Chair in Manufacturing Systems, and

Director, Institute for Sustainable Manufacturing (ISM)

University of Kentucky

Lexington, KY 40506, USA


Phone:   (859) 323-3239     Fax:   (859) 257 1071    E-mail: 





Cryogenic processing of materials is known to be among the most sustainable manufacturing methods because of its environmentally benign, and economically and societally-beneficial nature.  Sustainable manufacturing processes are generally aimed at achieving energy-efficiency, environmental friendliness (with reduced negative environmental impact), cost-effectiveness, waste/coolant reduction or elimination, operational safety and reliability, along with no adverse personnel health effects to operators and shop floor personnel. This presentation will focus on recent findings on producing functionally superior engineered surfaces for improved product quality and performance in cryogenically processed components, and will summarize results from cryogenically-assisted processing of a range of materials (Ti alloys – Ti-6Al-4V and Ti 5553, Ni-Ti shape memory alloys, Inconel 718, AISI 52100, AISI 316L, AA 7050, AA 7075, AZ31B Mg alloys, Co-Cr-Mo alloys, CFRP, etc.) for achieving enhanced surface and sub-surface integrity to provide improved product quality, performance and life.  This study will include an analysis of severe plastic deformation (SPD) induced by cryogenically-assisted machining and burnishing/deep-rolling processes on some of these materials, and their resulting performance enhancement through controllable ultra-fine/nano grain structures, and the associated wear and corrosion resistance properties, and the induced compressive residual stresses enabling improved fatigue life in some of these machined and burnished materials. Recent advances in modeling and optimization of cryogenic processes will then be discussed. Experimental results are compared with numerical/analytical simulations. Encouraging findings from this extensive study shows the tremendous potential for broader applications in automotive, aerospace and biomedical industries. This presentation will also discuss new challenges for such industry applications.


Bio-summary of Professor I.S. Jawahir

Dr. I.S. Jawahir is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering, James F. Hardymon Endowed Chair in Manufacturing Systems, and the Founding Director of the Institute for Sustainable Manufacturing (ISM) at the University of Kentucky (Lexington, KY, USA). He received his Ph.D. from the University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia) in 1986. His current research interests are in the areas of sustainable manufacturing, focusing on predictive modeling and optimization of sustainable machining processes aimed at improved machining performance (surface integrity, tool-wear/tool-life, etc.).  He has produced over 320 technical research papers, including 130 refereed journal papers, and has been awarded with 4 U.S. patents. He has supervised and directed the research of 32 PhD and over 75 MS graduates. He has also served as External Examiner for 45 PhD theses and dissertations from major universities worldwide. He has delivered 40+ keynote papers in major international conferences and over 150 invited presentations in 32 countries.


Professor Jawahir has received significant research funding from U.S. Federal Agencies and from major manufacturing companies such as General Motors, Ford, General Electric – Aviation, Toyota, Sandvik, Lexmark and 3M.  He is a Fellow of three major professional societies: CIRP (International Academy for Production Engineering); ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers); and SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers). He is the Founding Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Sustainable Manufacturing, and the Technical Editor of the Journal of Machining Science and Technology. He is also currently serving as the Member of the ASME Board for Research and Technology Development (BRTD), and in 2005, he founded the ASME Research Committee on “Sustainable Products and Processes” and served as the Founding Chairman of this committee for the first six years (2005-11). He is the Founder of the CIRP international conference series on Modeling of Machining Operations. He organized and hosted the first conference in this series in Atlanta, GA, USA in 1998. This series still continues with the 14th conference held in Torino, Italy in June 2013, and the next conference, 15th in the series, being planned for Karlstruhe, Germany in June 2015. He recently served as the Chairman of the CIRP’s International Collaborative Research Working Group on “Surface Integrity and Functional Performance of Components” (2007-11). Professor Jawahir received the 2013 ASME Milton C. Shaw Manufacturing Research Medal for his outstanding research contributions to manufacturing processes.