ECTS - English Culture and Literature Non-thesis Programme

The Relationship between the Qualifications Framework for Higher Education in Turkey and Programme Competencies Program Competencies
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Knowledge 1 - Use theoretical and practical knowledge within the field at a professional level. X X X X X X X X X X X X X
2 - Use research methods and techniques; acquire theoretical and practical knowledge. X X X X X X X X X
3 - Develop and deepen knowledge in the same or in a different field to the proficiency level based on Bachelor level qualifications. X X
4 - Learn and conduct interdisciplinary interaction and studies to which the field is related. X X X X X X X X
Skills 1 - Apply high level of theoretical and practical knowledge acquired in the field. X X X X X X X X X X
2 - Interpret, analyse, formulate knowledge acquired in the field by integrating it with information related to other disciplines. X X X
3 - Solve problems encountered in the field by applying appropriate research methods and techniques. X X X X
4 - Use high level of knowledge received in social sciences to raise educational, cultural level of society. X X
Competences Working Independently and Taking Responsibility 1 - Develop new approaches to solve complicated and unexpected problems encountered in the application process in the field X X X X
2 - Able to work independently in the fields of education, culture and arts and/or generate solutions by taking responsibility in group works. X X
3 - Organize individual, institutional and team works professionally and lead people in solving field-related problems. X X X X
4 - Conduct studies in the field independently . X X X X X X X X
Learning Competence 1 - Evaluate high level of theoretical knowledge and practical skills acquired in the field with a critical approach . X X X X
Communication and Social Competence 1 - Analyse, improve the social relations and norms determining these relations and change them if required. X X X
2 - Inform people in and out of the field about current developments, projects in the field by using quantitative and qualitative data. X X X X
3 - Improve cultural and aesthetic sensitivity of society by using high level of knowledge and skills acquired in the field. X X X X X
4 - Able to speak and write fluently at least one foreign language in European Language Portfolio B2 level. X
Field Specific Competence 1 - Collect, interpret, apply data; control and share data by considering scientific, socio-cultural, aesthetic and ethical values. X X X X X
2 - Define strategies, develop policies, plan application processes and evaluate acquired results in accordance with quality processes. X X X X X X X X
3 - Use knowledge, problem-solving and practical skills acquired in the field in interdisciplinary studies. X X X X