1) Has the necessary current information to meet individual, family and community health needs in an individual and holistic approach in the direction of the nursing process.
2) Has knowledgeable and capable of evaluating the validity, validity and reliability of scientific knowledge.
3) Has the skills to perform nursing care using theoretical, evidence-based and practical knowledge to maintain, develop and treat illnesses.
4) Demonstrates nursing care in the direction of scientific research, evidence, developing technology and current health policies.
5) Respects human rights and dignity in nursing education, practices, research and management.
6) Carries out nursing practices in accordance with legislation, professional values, standards and ethical principle.
7) Uses critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills in the nursing care process.
8) Continues self management activities as an individual and a team member within the scope of its managerial role.
9) Takes part in researches, projects and events in the association with the health team and the other disciplines with a sense of social responsibility
10) Uses English in a way that can comprehend literature, communicate effectively in written and verbal manner.
11) Leads to innovation and changing with adopting the philosophy of lifelong learning for personal and professional development.
12) Become a model to professional colleagues and communities by acting in accordance with professional ethics principles and values.