Our Department of Pilotage was established within Atılım University, primarily the Department of Pilotage at the School of Civil Aviation, based at Esenboğa Airport in 2018 with the aim of meeting the need for domestic and international pilots and providing flight training at high standards and quality.
It continues its activities uninterruptedly with its Campus Facilities for Theoretical Trainings, its 2700 m2 modern hangar located at Esenboğa Airport and its operation center located at Adana Airport due to very good weather conditions. All of our trainings are provided with 3 Tecnam P2008 JC, 1 Tecnam P2010 - 215 HP, 2 Tecnam P2010 TDI - 170 HP and Tecnam P2006 T (1) brand training aircrafts in our fleet. 
Our graduates are entitled to receive the Airline Transport Pilot License ATPL (A) from the General Directorate of Civil Aviation together with the Undergraduate Diploma. 
As Atılım University, with our Pilotage Undergraduate Program, we are waiting for you if you want to become a pilot who has an internationally valid pilot license, has advanced knowledge of English, makes flight safety and security a top priority, has adopted the aviation culture, can perform domestic and international flights in a way that adheres to all rules, has a high level of academic equipment, has adopted an analytical thinking structure, can assume leadership qualities and is prone to teamwork, has high awareness and can make the right decisions at the right time.