ECTS - Modeling in Digital Media II

Modeling in Digital Media II (MMR263) Course Detail

Course Name Course Code Season Lecture Hours Application Hours Lab Hours Credit ECTS
Modeling in Digital Media II MMR263 2 2 0 3 3
Pre-requisite Course(s)
MMR 261 Modelling in Digital Media I
Course Language English
Course Type N/A
Course Level Bachelor’s Degree (First Cycle)
Mode of Delivery
Learning and Teaching Strategies .
Course Coordinator
Course Lecturer(s)
  • Instructor Aydoğan Ünsün
Course Assistants
Course Objectives 3D modelling of structural elements during the design stage using a computer, preparation of presentation visuals, being beneficial to the improvement of a design.
Course Learning Outcomes The students who succeeded in this course;
  • 1. Design and model using Sketchup program of a design created in 2D via AutoCad 2. Improve 3D design 3. Define the material, colour and texture of a modelled places and surfaces 4. Improve the expression of the design by rendering the modelled place. 5. Enrich the expressions using Photoshop program
Course Content Techniques of modeling starting from 3-dimensional simple elements to complex elements; evaluation and improvement of designs; 3 dimensional expression of 2 representations in 3 dimensions and application of presentation techniques.

Weekly Subjects and Releated Preparation Studies

Week Subjects Preparation
1 Examining the 3D and space vector concepts by using AutoCAD
2 Explanation of the solid models, model intersections and merging commands, “thickness” and “elevation” commands
3 Introduction to SKETCHUP program, introducing the commands for sketch and arrangement
4 passing to 3D from simple models, Introduction to commands like:, axis’s, surfaces, object movement, copy, sorting, rotation, mirror, deletion; (HW-1)
5 Scale term in a model, layer term, grouping and model intersection; (HW-2)
6 Studies on various model forms, control of screen movements, usage of zoom, pan and orbit commands; (HW-3)
7 Creating furniture models and examples of spatial design
8 General repetition, problem solving
9 Midterm with Application
10 Modelling of structural constructions; (Wooden Roof construction) (HW-4)
11 Modelling of structural constructions; (concrete staircase construction)
12 Modelling of structural constructions; (column –vault –dome) (HW-5)
13 Modelling of structural constructions; (Steel strait and helical staircase construction) (Assignment of midterm HW) (HW-6)
14 Preparation of the model for presentation, improvements of rendering and expression


Other Sources 1. Sketchup, Vray ve Photoshop ile yapılmış örnekler, Animasyon çalışmaları ve” Render” örnekleri

Evaluation System

Requirements Number Percentage of Grade
Attendance/Participation - -
Laboratory - -
Application - -
Field Work - -
Special Course Internship - -
Quizzes/Studio Critics - -
Homework Assignments 6 30
Presentation - -
Project 1 20
Report - -
Seminar - -
Midterms Exams/Midterms Jury 1 25
Final Exam/Final Jury 1 25
Toplam 9 100
Percentage of Semester Work
Percentage of Final Work 100
Total 100

Course Category

Core Courses X
Major Area Courses
Supportive Courses
Media and Managment Skills Courses
Transferable Skill Courses

The Relation Between Course Learning Competencies and Program Qualifications

# Program Qualifications / Competencies Level of Contribution
1 2 3 4 5
1 X
2 X
4 X
13 X
15 X
18 X

ECTS/Workload Table

Activities Number Duration (Hours) Total Workload
Course Hours (Including Exam Week: 16 x Total Hours) 14 2 28
Application 14 2 28
Special Course Internship
Field Work
Study Hours Out of Class
Presentation/Seminar Prepration
Homework Assignments 6 2 12
Quizzes/Studio Critics
Prepration of Midterm Exams/Midterm Jury 1 3 3
Prepration of Final Exams/Final Jury 1 4 4
Total Workload 75