ECTS - - English Language and Literature

The Relationship between the Qualifications Framework for Higher Education in Turkey and Programme Competencies Program Competencies
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Knowledge 1 - Possesses advanced level theoretical and practical knowledge supported by up to date textbooks , practical equipment and other resources. X
Skills 1 - Uses advanced theoretical and practical knowledge acquired within the field of humanities. X
2 - Uses, analyses and practises the theoretical and practical information gained in the Humanities, in the fields of education, research and public service. X
3 - Using knowledge and skills in the fileds of humanities, devises personal and institutional development. X
Competences Working Independently and Taking Responsibility 1 - Takes responsibility both as a team member and individually in order to solve unexpected complex problems faced during implementations in the field. X
2 - Plans activities according to the fields of interest of the people working under his/her responsibility. X
Learning Competence 1 - Evaluates knowledge and skills acquired n the field with a critical approach. X
2 - Specifying the educational needs of his/her subordinates, executes the learning processes X
3 - Develops a positive attitude towards lifelong learning. X
Communication and Social Competence 1 - Informs individuals and institutions, transfers ideas and solution proposals to problems in the fiield, verbally or in written form. X
2 - Shares ideas and solution proposals to problems on issues pertinent to the field of humanities with professionals and non-professionals,by the support of qualitative and quantitative data. X
3 - Participates in social, cultural and artistic events pertinent to humanities. X
4 - Monitors the developments in the field and communicates with colleagues in a foreign language at least at a level of European Language Portfolio B1 General Level. X
5 - Uses informatics and communication technologies at an advanced level as required by the field. X
Field Specific Competence 1 - Gathers, analyses, interprets information related to the field of humanities, and shares them with persons, institutions and organizations concerned. X
2 - Observes the ethical rules and values while applying knowledge related to the field of humanities X
3 - Supports the universality of social and cultural rights in Humanities, gains a sense of social justice and protects historicaş and cultural legacy. X
4 - Conducts interdisciplinary research and studies within humanities X
5 - Joins quality administration processes. X