Mechanical engineer performs activities in the design, development, production, maintenance, repair and processing, as well as in the education, research and study of all mechanical systems and energy conversion systems. Therefore he has a very large work area. Mechanical engineers are required in factories, construction sites, power plants, research centers, the manufacturing industry, in the energy sector, in the chemical industry, in the construction sector, from all sectors of defense industry to the pharmaceutical industry and have thus the opportunity to find work place in a great field. Today, the need for mechanical engineers continues to increase and supply lags behind demand. By taking into consideration that the emphasis will be on future oriented areas of the R&D activities, the new industries and new developments in the old industry and new developments in energy resources, the demand for mechanical engineers will continue. Our graduates with strong curriculum profile in design, technology development and innovation will have excellent job opportunities in the private and public sector, in factories and other workplaces, in a large area, ranging from institutions and organizations involved in basic and applied research on high-tech subjects to industry.