ECTS - English Culture and Literature (Thesis)

1 To be able to use English language competently concerning four basic skills, namely listening, reading, speaking, and writing.
2 To have extensive theoretical knowledge about English Culture and literature.
3 To gain knowledge about literary theories and to be able to apply these theories to various literary texts.
4 To acquire detailed knowledge about British culture in all its aspects.
5 To be able to compare and contrast English culture and literature with other literatures through works from different periods and genres.
6 To be able to compare and contrast British culture with other cultures.
7 To plan, organize, and conduct the activities related to the field.
8 To acquire the skills of creative, critical, and analytical thinking.
9 To gain knowledge about how to conduct an academic research and to use the acquired knowledge in accordance with the purpose of the research.
10 To acquire professional ethics and to use them in the process of research and production.
11 To get prepared for professional life by developing a sense of responsibility through individual tasks and group projects.
12 To be able to understand and decipher various discourses involved in literature such as literary, philosophical, psychological, cultural, critical and theoretical discourses in English language.
13 To be able to understand and be a part of world culture.