ECTS - - Master of Finance (Non-Thesis)

1) 1. To be able to combine and use the knowledge of their own undergraduate program area with the knowledge of business administration.
2) 2. To have information about the structure and functioning of the financial system and each financial institution.
3) 3. To have information about regulations and legislation related to financial institutions
4) 4. To be able to see the risks that different financial institutions are exposed to and gain the ability to produce basic solutions.
5) 5. To have knowledge about basic investment strategies.
6) 6. Having knowledge about research methods and techniques and being able to use them.
7) 7. To have information about the institutional characteristics of emerging and developed markets and investment strategies for bonds, stocks and derivatives in these markets.
8) 8. To have the ability to reach scientific knowledge in the field of business, to monitor, evaluate and apply the current literature
9) 9. To be able to transfer information about the business area by using effective verbal, written and visual communication methods.
10) 10. To be aware of professional ethics, environmental awareness, sustainability, social responsibility, cultural, social and universal values
11) 11. To be able to work effectively with different disciplines or multicultural teams, to take responsibility, to make risk analysis, to keep up with change, to think critically and to use initiative in problem solving.