ECTS - - English Culture and Literature

The Relationship between the Qualifications Framework for Higher Education in Turkey and Programme Competencies Program Competencies
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Knowledge 1 - Develop and deepen the current and advanced knowledge in the field with original thought and/or research and come up with innovative definitions based on Master's degree qualifications X X X X X X X X X X X X X
2 - Conceive the interdisciplinary interaction which the field is related with ; come up with original solutions by using knowledge requiring proficiency on analysis, synthesis and assessment of new and complex ideas X X X X X X X
Skills 1 - Evaluate and use new information within the field in a systematic approach X X X X X X
2 - Develop an innovative knowledge, method, design and/or practice or adapt an already known knowledge, method, design and/or practice to another field; research, conceive, design, adapt and implement an original subject X X X X X X
3 - Critical analysis, synthesis and evaluation of new and complex ideas X X X
4 - Gain advanced level skills in the use of research methods in the field of study X X X X
Competences Working Independently and Taking Responsibility 1 - Contribute the progression in the field by producing an innovative idea, skill, design and/or practice or by adapting an already known idea, skill, design, and/or practice to a different field independently X X X X X X X X X X X X X
2 - Broaden the borders of the knowledge in the field by producing or interpreting an original work or publishing at least one scientific paper in the field in national and/or international refereed journals X X X X X
3 - Demonstrate leadership in contexts requiring innovative and interdisciplinary problem solving X X
Learning Competence 1 - Develop new ideas and methods in the field by using high level mental processes such as creative and critical thinking, problem solving and decision making X X X X X X
Communication and Social Competence 1 - Investigate and improve social connections and their conducting norms and manage the actions to change them when necessary X X X X
2 - Defend original views when exchanging ideas in the field with professionals and communicate effectively by showing competence in the field X X X X X
3 - Ability to communicate and discuss orally, in written and visually with peers by using a foreign language at least at a level of European Language Portfolio C1 General Level X
Field Specific Competence 1 - Contribute to the transition of the community to an information society and its sustainability process by introducing scientific, technological, social or cultural improvements X X X
2 - Demonstrate functional interaction by using strategic decision making processes in solving problems encountered in the field X X X
3 - Contribute to the solution finding process regarding social, scientific, cultural and ethical problems in the field and support the development of these values X X