Procedures regarding taking courses, which are not opened in summer school, from another university

The procedures are listed below:

  • National or ECTS credits of courses or course hours must be the same or higher;

  • Courses must be given in accordance with Article 8 of Summer School Regulation of Atılım University;

  • Courses must be determined with recommendation of relevant chairpersons and approval of executive boards;

  • Medium of instruction of courses except Turkish Language I and Turkish Language II must be the same as Atılım University;

  • Courses must be taken from a University in which base point of relevant program is higher in relevant year.

  • Equivalence of the courses to be taken in another university must be determined by department commissions;

  • Courses must be taken from the Universities located in Ankara.*


* Due to the global Covid-19 epidemic, the application of the relevant provision has been changed to “Taking courses from universities in the same province or different provinces” for summer education in the 2019-2020 academic year. ”