• At any time, students may apply for disenrollment by submitting their Student ID card and a petition to the Directorate of Student Affairs. Third parties will require power of attorney to do so.
  • The Directorate of Student Affairs initiates disenrollment procedures on the ATACS system.
  • The procedure is complete and the student is given the necessary documents upon the approval of the administrative units.
  • In case of students losing their ID card, application must be made to the Directorate together with a notice published in a newspaper stating as follows: I have lost my Atilim University Student ID Card. It is deemed null and void. TR ID No, Name/Surname”.


Directorate of Student Affairs

Ground Floor, School of Arts & Sciences


Tel:  0 (312) 586 8295

Fax: +90 (312) 586 8297

E-mail: oim@atilim.edu.tr