Special Student 

  • Credits of the courses or practice sessions attended, under a special student status, by students from any Turkish or international higher education institution while pursuing education under national and international exchange programs, or registered in other higher education institutions at equivalent levels may count towards their obligations as per the original diploma program of their registration with a resolution by the relevant executive board.
  • A special student status may only be valid for up to two semesters throughout a single program. Period extensions may be possible only within the framework of the conditions below, and with a resolution by the Higher Education Council: 
    • a) The student is able to document having been diagnosed with a serious untreatable condition, or that an existing condition has progressed in the city of their new residence through their studies at the higher education institution with a health board report from a state hospital, or a state university hospital.
    • b) The university executive board has made a proposal with the consideration that it is impossible for the student to continue pursuing education at the higher education institution of their original registration due to battery, violence, or similar situations.
  • Turkish-citizen students pursuing their studies at higher education institutions abroad may benefit from a special student status for up to a maximum of two semesters.
  • Click here to view the tuition fees for special status students.

To apply, candidate students are required to provide:

  1. An application form  (Click to download)
  2. A Letter of Resolution from the original university of the student stating that “the student may attend courses as a special student” (signed and stamped in ink/ electronically signed)
  3. A student certificate (signed and stamped)
  4. A copy of the Student ID of the student
  5. A copy of the Republic of Turkey Citizen ID of the student
  6. 2 photographs
  7. A bank receipt proving the payment of the tuition fees required

Application Dates:

  • Summer School of the Academic Year of 2021-2022: June 13 - 24, 2022 
  • Fall Semester of the Academic Year of 2022-2023: September 05 - 20, 2022 
  • Spring Semester of the Academic Year of 2022-2023: January 25 - February 07, 2023 


Applicants must have the relevant fields of their application forms approved by the relevant School, Department, and the Department of Finance located in the Administrative Building; before delivering the forms, along with the required documentation, to the Directorate of Student Affairs.

Registration procedures for special students are to be finalized after the execution of the steps above. 

Applications shall be made to the Directorate of Student Affairs in person.

Any application by mail or with missing documentation will be rejected.


Place of Application:

Directorate of Student Affairs

Faculty of Arts&Sciences, Ground Floor


Tel:  0 (312)  586  8256 / 8295

E-mail: oim@atilim.edu.tr