Special-Status in Undergraduate and Associate Degree Programs

  • Exchange or special-status students are those registered or graduates of another university who take courses in the associate degree or undergraduate programs of the University within the scope of national and international student exchange programs or special student status for a given period in accordance to relevant regulations.
  • Special-status students are not awarded any diplomas and titles; however, upon their own request, a reference letter may be issued including courses and grades.
  • Should these students choose register permanently at Atilim University after the expiration of their special status, all courses and grades taken at the University may be included in their GPA calculation according to the decision of respective board.
  • Admission of such special-status students to undergraduate courses is subject to the decision of related board. As for the tuition fee, special-status students pay choosing up to two courses will pay as such, and for an entire term in case of three or more courses.
  • If they intend to take courses from the summer school program within the scope of exchange program or special-status, they shall pay the summer school tuition fee.

Documents required for application:

  1. Application form  (Click to download)
  2. For students from other university:
    • Student letter (signed and sealed)
    • Copy of student ID
  3. Graduates of other universities:
    • Temporary certificate of graduation or authenticated copy of diploma
  4. Copy of national ID card
  5. 2 photographs
  6. Bank receipt for tuition fee payment


The application form is submitted to the Directorate of Student Affairs along with other documents for registration after approval by the relevant School, Department and the Accounting Office located in the Administrative Building.

Applications are to made in person to the Directorate of Student Affairs. Posting by mail or missing documents shall invalidate the application.

Place of Application:

Directorate of Student Affairs

Ground Floor, School of Arts & Sciences


Tel:  0 (312) 586 8295

Fax: +90 (312) 586 8297

E-mail: oim@atilim.edu.tr










For Tuition Fee Information:

Office of Student Accounting

Ground Floor, Administrative Building


Tel:  0 (312) 586 8116/8120/8130