Pursuant to Article 24 of the Atılım University Regulation on Associate and Undergraduate Education and Examination, students complying with below listed criteria will be awarded “Semester Honor/High Honor” certificates at a ceremony to be held at the end of each semester with the participation of families of students. 

We congratulate students to be awarded and wish them a continued success.



        a) CGPA must be ≥ 2.00 and semester GPA ≥ 3.00
                a.    3.00 - 3.49 Honor
                b.    3.50 - 4.00 High Honor
        b)    External course exemptions are not counted in ECTS and exemption from English courses granted by Atılım University are accepted.

2.    Total ECTS in relevant semester is taken into account for MAJOR.

        a) Students with 30+ ECTS are awarded.
        b) ECTS in relevant semester is taken into account for students with 20-29 ECTS. 

3.    If students are in double major program, total ECTS numbers in major and double major programs are taken into account. Among students who have total 48 ECTS, the ones complying with general criteria (major or double major) and having 18+ ECTS are awarded.

4.    If students are in minor program,

        a) GPA of major program is taken into account.
        b) Total ECTS of major and minor programs in relevant semester is taken into account. 
        c) If total ECTS is 30+, students are awarded in their major program.