Documents to be submitted after the internship

Documents to be submitted after the internship

1) Internship Report

a) A brief information about the internship company

b) A diary of what you learned and experiences during your internship

c) The intersection of the theoretical knowledge you learned in lessons and what you learned in internship

d) Conclusion

2) An evaluation text of at least 3 pages related to the internship you have completed. (The spelling rules for the internship report form -spaces, font, etc.- should be the same.)

a) Information about the institution where you do your internship

b) Evaluation about your internship process

3) Internship Evaluation Form (It should be submitted in a sealed envelope, your supervisor's signature and stamp should be on the cover of the envelope).

4) Students must upload their internship reports in word or pdf format to the Turnitin page that will be opened on Moodle, in addition to hand-delivering  by the date specified at the end of the internship. The similarity rate should be less than 20%.


Note: Uploading dates will be announced  at a later date.