ECTS - Post-graduate Diploma in Translation Studies (without Thesis)

1 Develop understanding of translation theories, concepts and history, and their application to the processes used in translating
2 Develop critical knowledge and understanding of current issues, European Union and international relations, law and technical issues in terms of translation studies
3 Detect, define, formulate and solve the problems to be encountered in translation process
4 Acquire the skills of translation analysis, criticism and hermeneutics
5 Develop critical understanding of international affairs and cultural studies regarding to profession of translation
6 Improve skills of research techniques, use CAT tools, databases and other printed and electronic devices and sources efficiently
7 Develop efficient individual and group working skills, build self-confidence for taking responsibility and acquire powerful communication skills
8 Build awareness for life-long learning; to catch the developments in science and technology and sustain continuous personal development
9 Acquire knowledge on ethical and professional issues in translation
10 Build awareness about project management and the rights of employees and the legal consequences of translation and interpreting applications.
11 Build awareness about the universal and societal dimensions of translation studies and gather information about the problems of the contemporary world
12 Improve skills to use source and target languages fluently in presentations and academic studies
13 Acquire knowledge on terminology management and global translation quality standards at a professional level