ECTS - Post-graduate Diploma in Translation Studies (without Thesis)

The aim of the program is to graduate translators/interpreters equipped with relevant knowledge, skills and competence in the field and as required by the EU and the international organizations, capable of assuming responsibility in the translation/interpretation business and market as well as research institutes. The graduates are capable of carrying out analytical and experimental research, developing innovative solutions, analyzing recent developments, leading teams of multi-disciplinary nature, following codes of good conduct, communicating both orally and in writing.

The teaching of the courses lasts 3 semesters. The M.A. program without thesis lasts for 2 academic years (3 semesters). Activities of translation and European studies, theoretical issues such as translation studies, political and International Affairs, Law, Economics and related technical fields are explored within the framework of their relations with translation. Students work in both directions between Turkish and English. Students are provided with the opportunity to select from a range of available elective courses such as Linguistics, International Affairs and Cultural Studies.