ECTS - - Chemical Engineering Master of Science Program (with thesis)

1) An ability to access, analyze and evaluate the knowledge needed for the solution of advanced chemical engineering and applied chemistry problems.
2) An ability to self-renewal by following scientific and technological developments within the philosophy of lifelong learning.
3) An understanding of social, environmental, and the global impacts of the practices and innovations brought by chemistry and chemical engineering.
4) An ability to perform original research and development activities and to convert the achieved results to publications, patents and technology.
5) An ability to apply advanced mathematics, science and engineering knowledge to advanced engineering problems.
6) An ability to design and conduct scientific and technological experiments in lab- and pilot-scale, and to analyze and interpret their results.
7) Skills in design of a system, part of a system or a process with desired properties and to implement industry.
8) Ability to perform independent research.
9) Ability to work in a multi-disciplinary environment and to work as a part of a team.
10) An understanding of the professional and occupational responsibilities.