ECTS - - Chemical Engineering Master of Science Program (with thesis)

Master of Science program (with thesis) has been established in 2012-2013 Academic year with the primary mission of educating professionals to be highly qualified professional chemical engineers attaining advanced level chemical engineering knowledge, being capable of self-renewing within the framework of the philosophy of lifelong education following scientific and technological developments, being aware of social, environmental and global impacts of chemical engineering applications and innovations, being able to work in a multidisciplinary environment and to show enthusiasm for teamwork and to perform original research and development activities and to convert the findings from these activities to the scientific publication, patent and technology, and being aware of ethical responsibilities. Program language is English. 

Basically the department’s education program has been prepared to create environments for learning-by-doing, project-based learning and participation, to enable the students to gain industrial experience through projects and to provide all the theoretical and experimental knowledge required.

In our department, General Chemistry Laboratory, Organic Chemistry Laboratory, Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, Coordination Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry Research Laboratory, Biochemistry Laboratory, Polymer Chemistry and Technology Laboratory, Atilim Optoelectronic Materials and Solar Energy Laboratory, and Nanochemistry Laboratory are provided for education and research.