ECTS - - European Union MA Program (with Thesis)

1) Acquiring the skills of understanding, explaining, and using the fundamental concepts and methodology of European studies.
2) Acquiring the skills of analyzing the European Integration from a theoretical level.
3) Acquiring the ability to make logical interpretations about the recent EU events.
4) Acquiring different perspectives on the relations among the EU member-states as well as these states and the EU institutions.
5) Improving the ability to make analyses about the relations between the global and regional actors and the EU.
6) To analyze the relations of the EU member-states with the non-member states.
7) Developing relevant academic and applied research skills in political areas.
8) To improve the academic writing skills pertaining to the academic area.
9) To improve the academic presentation skills pertaining to the academic area.
10) To improve analytical thinking and independent research skills.
11) Acquiring an open-minded behavior through encouraging critical analysis, interpretation, discussions, and/or continuous learning.