ECTS - - Master of Business Administration (Thesis) (English)

* Bachelor's degree

* Minimum of 55 ALES score

* Those having a university diploma in any field can apply for the program.

* There is no minimum grade-point average (GPA) requirement.

* There is no requirement for an Foreign Language Exam certificate. However, if the applicant submits a certificate, the following weighting schema will be used in evaluation (for those not submitting a certificate for Foreign Language, the score is considered to be zero).

* Applicants are required to score at least 70 in the Foreign Knowledge in Foreign Language Placement Examination (Yabancı Dil Seviye Tespit Sınavı, YDS or UDS). Alternatively, applicants are required to submit an equivalent score from other foreign language examinations, held at the national or international level, whose equivalence is approved by ÖSYM.

* International students' applications are accepted in line within “Atilim University Graduate Programme and Exam Regulation" in Official Gazette (25 December 2016, No:29929).

* The provisions which are not covered above will be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of Atilim University's Regulations on Graduate Education and Examination.