Our department was founded in 2005 with the mission of educating students to become qualified individuals who are capable of generating effective solutions by using engineering approaches in the software life-cycle and providing new direction to the field of software engineering with academic research. The medium of language is English.

Software Engineering mainly offers undergraduate and graduate programs in order to train software experts in the domain of software development. The department’s education program has been prepared to create environments for learning by doing, project-based learning, and participation, to enable the students to gain industrial experience through projects and provide all the theoretical knowledge required.

In our department, an education laboratory for 40 students, a simulation laboratory (SimLab) for 15 students, Software Development and Research Laboratory, and Mobile Application Development Laboratory (MobiLab) for education and research are provided. In addition, five other laboratories of the Computer Engineering and Information Systems Engineering departments are used for educational purposes.

In our country, Software Engineering education is provided by 34 foundation universities and 27 public universities.  In the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, there are 9 universities offering Software Engineering undergraduate programs. Our program is compatible with IEEE/ACM and SWEBOK recommendations and standards and is accredited by MÜDEK until September 30, 2025.