ECTS - Master of Arts (M. A.) Degree in International Relations (Thesis Program)

There are three compulsory, four elective courses, one seminar and one thesis work in this program. 

Core/Compulsory Courses: 

IR 505 (Political History of Europe): Provides students with diplomatic history knowledge at the graduate level.  

MAN 555 (Research Methods): Equips students with the methodology, bases and history of social sciences academic work.  

IR 501 (International Relations Theory): Students gain a theoretical/philosophical infrastructure for explaining the conflict and cooperation stituations among international actors.  

Seminar Course: 

IR 500 (Seminar): Students prepare their reserach proposal for their prospective thesis. 

Elective Courses: 

Under a careful planning by the adviser of the student, the selection of elective courses from the elective pool of International Relations Department or from the elective pools of other nine different departments at our faculty, this part of the program aims to equip the student with an in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of a specific field. 

Thesis Work: 

IR 599 (Thesis): This achieves students to produce a detailed and comprehensive academic text built on the bases of diplomatic history, international relations theory, foreign policy analysis, international law and similar fileds by utilizing their knowledge on social sciences reserach methods and techniques.