ECTS - - Applied Physics MS Program (without Thesis)

1 Acquiring core knowledge of theoretical and mathematical physics together with their research methodologies.
2 Gaining a solid understanding of the physical universe together with the laws governing it.
3 Developing a working research skill and strategies of problem solving skills in theoretical, experimental, and/or simulation physics.
4 Developing and maintaining a positive attitude toward critical questioning, creative thinking, and formulating new ideas both conceptually and mathematically.
5 Ability to sense, identify, and handle the problems in theoretical, experimental, or applied physics, or in real-life industrial problems.
6 Ability to apply the accumulated knowledge in constructing mathematical models, determining a strategy for its solution, making necessary and appropriate approximations, evaluating and assessing the correctness and reliability of the procured solution.
7 Ability to communicate and discuss physical concepts, processes, and the newly obtained results with the colleagues all around the world both verbally and in written form as proceedings and research papers.
8 Reaching and excelling an advanced level of knowledge and skills in one or more of the disciplines offered.
9 An ability to produce, report and present an original or known scientific body of knowledge.
10 An ability to make methodological scientific research.
11 An ability to use existing physics knowledge to analyze, to determine a methodology of solution (theoretical/mathematical/experimental) and to solve a problem.