ECTS - - Mechatronics Engineering

The Mechatronics Engineering Department is established in 2002. The language of the program is English. The mission of the Department is to educate the students to be engineers with the capabilities of directing and producing national and international technologies, being sensitive to social and environmental issues, having leadership capabilities of doing team works, being good researchers and entrepreneurs.  

Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary field of engineering that synthesizes a synergy among  mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science such that the cross interactions in between these disciplines  are the bases for an intelligent behavior of a machine. A common feature of mechatronic products is the application of computer-based digital control techniques, through various electrical and electronic interfaces to achieve efficient mechanical functions. The key element in mechatronics is the integration of mechanical engineering with electronics and intelligent computer control in the design and manufacturing of products and processes through the design process, starting from the identification of the design need, including manufacturing and testing. Mechatronic products display functional and spatial integration of mechanisms, actuators, sensors, computational hardware and control algorithms. Distinguishing features of the mechatronic products are: the replacement of many mechanical functions with electronic and/or software components, resulting in greater flexibility and comfort; ease of re-design or reprogramming; the ability to implement distributed control in complex systems; and the ability to perceive the environment and reporting, and higher machine intelligence. Due to these advantages of the viewpoint of Mechatronics, the general trend in the industry is to implement more intelligence in engineering products; e.g. intelligent dishwashers, auto cruising automobiles, machine tools, aerial vehicles, weapons and all machines having some degrees of autonomy. The new trend in industry requires an engineering student profile that has broad experience in mechatronics design and mechatronics philosophy, and the ability to switch in between the engineering ingredients of mechatronics easily.


Mechatronics education is considered in its broader sense as the name given to teaching and experiencing a special philosophy behind the design and development of microprocessor-based products. The curriculum in the department of mechatronics engineering at Atılım University is designed to meet these requirements thoroughly. The curriculum and courses aim true hands-on experience in mechatronics engineering, with special emphasis on the engineering design of mechatronic products.


The department is heavily involved with basic and applied research and consultancy. Besides many unique and novel research topics sponsored by the university as graduate theses, research projects are also sponsored by the industry, national and international organizations. Conferences, workshops, short courses, and seminars are other regular activities of the department.


The profile of the Department covers the following properties:


  • Advanced technology,
  • Dynamic curriculum,
  • Interdisciplinary program,
  • Multidisciplinary program,
  • Synergy,
  • Nationwide,
  • International level,
  • Technology production and leader,
  • Socially and environmentally sensitive,
  • Teamwork,
  • Leadership,
  • Creative Engineering,
  • Research ability,
  • Entrepreneurship,