Departmental English V (IR435) Course Detail

Course Name Course Code Season Lecture Hours Application Hours Lab Hours Credit ECTS
Departmental English V IR435 2 0 0 2 4
Pre-requisite Course(s)
Course Language English
Course Type N/A
Course Level Bachelor’s Degree (First Cycle)
Mode of Delivery Face To Face
Learning and Teaching Strategies Lecture, Demonstration, Discussion, Question and Answer, Drill and Practice, Team/Group.
Course Coordinator
Course Lecturer(s)
  • Prof. Dr. Şükrü Sina Gürel
Course Assistants
Course Objectives This course aims to contribute to the English command of students of International Relations up to such a level where they would be able to read and understand English language international newspapers.
Course Learning Outcomes The students who succeeded in this course;
  • To contribute to the English command of students of International Relations up to such a level where they would be able to read and understand English language international newspapers.
Course Content Reading and understanding of news analyses types of readings in internationally respected English language newspapers; development of writing skills which will focus on cover letter, statement of purpose and similar exercises.

Weekly Subjects and Releated Preparation Studies

Week Subjects Preparation
1 A General Introduction to the Course None
2 An Op-Ed Reading from Guardian Nich Cohen, ''Future generations will despise our ‘realism’ on Syria'',
3 An Op-Ed Reading from Chinadaily Ma Xiaolin, ''Turkey should restrain anti-China protests''
4 An Op-Ed Reading from Al-jazeera John Bell, ''Protests in Lebanon reflect the disease not the cure''
5 An Op-Ed reading from National Interest Scott MacDonald, ''Democracies vs. Autocracies: State Capitalism's Uncertain Future'',
6 An Op-Ed reading from National Interest Stewart Patrick, ''Machiavelli: Still Shocking after 5 Centuries'',
7 An Op-Ed reading from National Interest Peter Harris, ''Greek Crisis: Syriza's Failure Is Europe’s Failure, Too'',
8 Midterm Exam None
9 An Op-Ed reading from National Interest Kyle Mizokami, ''NATO's 5 Most Lethal Weapons of War'',
10 An Op-Ed reading from Al-Monitor Daoud Kuttab, ''Double victory for Palestine in FIFA qualifying match'',
11 An Op-Ed reading from Guardian Charlotte Proudman, ''Don’t let the abuse scare you: we can confront the sexists'',
12 An Op-Ed reading from Guardian Tim Farron, ''For Lib Dems, everything has changed''
13 An Op-Ed reading from New York Times Min Zin, ''In Myanmar, a Soft Coup Ahead of an Election'',
14 An Op-Ed reading from New York Times Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, ''Green Energy for the Poor'',
15 An Op-Ed reading from New York Times Neomi Szecsi, ''How Europe's Other Half Lives?'',
16 Final Exam None


Other Sources 1.

Evaluation System

Requirements Number Percentage of Grade
Attendance/Participation - -
Laboratory - -
Application - -
Field Work - -
Special Course Internship - -
Quizzes/Studio Critics 4 20
Homework Assignments - -
Presentation - -
Project - -
Report - -
Seminar - -
Midterms Exams/Midterms Jury 1 40
Final Exam/Final Jury 1 40
Toplam 6 100
Percentage of Semester Work 60
Percentage of Final Work 40
Total 100

Course Category

Core Courses X
Major Area Courses
Supportive Courses
Media and Managment Skills Courses
Transferable Skill Courses

The Relation Between Course Learning Competencies and Program Qualifications

# Program Qualifications / Competencies Level of Contribution
1 2 3 4 5
1 Acquiring the skills of understanding, explaining, and using the fundamental concepts and methodology of international relations X
2 Acquiring the skills of analyzing international relations from a theoretical level X
3 Having adequate knowledge about history of international relations and being able to analyze historical processes, events and international actors X
4 Acquiring the ability to make logical interpretations about the contemporary either global, regional or national actors and their future positions X
5 Acquiring the ability to have an interdisciplinary perspective that synthesizes other disciplines to IR X
6 Developing necessary quantitative and qualitative research skills in International Relations X
7 Having ability to express herself/himself with regard to disciplinary issues X
8 Having the ability of reaching relevant sources and knowing the way she/he uses particular knowledge X
9 Having the ability of analytical thinking, critical analysis and developing rational argument X
10 Being able to use English for everyday conversations as well as in an advanced level for professional purposes. X
11 Having a responsible perspective in parallel with ethical principles and having necessary knowledge about ethical liability. X
12 Understanding the importance of lifelong learning, accessing information, following contemporary events and developments in scientific community and having the ability of renewing herself/himself in accordance with it. X

ECTS/Workload Table

Activities Number Duration (Hours) Total Workload
Course Hours (Including Exam Week: 16 x Total Hours) 16 2 32
Special Course Internship
Field Work
Study Hours Out of Class
Presentation/Seminar Prepration
Homework Assignments
Quizzes/Studio Critics 4 1 4
Prepration of Midterm Exams/Midterm Jury 1 1 1
Prepration of Final Exams/Final Jury 1 2 2
Total Workload 39