ECTS - - International Relations

1) Acquiring the skills of understanding, explaining, and using the fundamental concepts and methodology of international relations
2) Acquiring the skills of analyzing international relations from a theoretical level
3) Having adequate knowledge about history of international relations and being able to analyze historical processes, events and international actors
4) Acquiring the ability to make logical interpretations about the contemporary either global, regional or national actors and their future positions
5) Acquiring the ability to have an interdisciplinary perspective that synthesizes other disciplines to IR
6) Developing necessary quantitative and qualitative research skills in International Relations
7) Having ability to express herself/himself with regard to disciplinary issues
8) Having the ability of reaching relevant sources and knowing the way she/he uses particular knowledge
9) Having the ability of analytical thinking, critical analysis and developing rational argument
10) Being able to use English for everyday conversations as well as in an advanced level for professional purposes.
11) Having a responsible perspective in parallel with ethical principles and having necessary knowledge about ethical liability.
12) Understanding the importance of lifelong learning, accessing information, following contemporary events and developments in scientific community and having the ability of renewing herself/himself in accordance with it.