The Relationship between the Qualifications Framework for Higher Education in Turkey and Programme Competencies Program Competencies
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Skills 1 - He/she uses and interprets the information, theories and models in his / her field and close disciplines in a general way and business environment. X
2 - He/she follows the changes in the internal and external environments of the organizations operating in the field, makes rational analyzes, comments, contributes and adapts to changes. X
3 - He/she performs the functions of planning, organizing, coordinating, directing and controlling related to his/her field. X X
4 - Analyzes, plans, implements, supervises the service delivery processes of his/her field and reorganizes it when necessary. X X
5 - Uses the service policies and strategies related to the field, fulfills the service processes in a manner that satisfies the consumer, reviews, develops, evaluates, finds solutions to problems that will affect the service process and develops and uses consumer satisfaction measuring tools. X X
6 - He/she plans and realizes projects and researches using appropriate research methods in relation to the subjects and problems related to the field and presents the results in a clear and understandable way. X X
7 - He/she recognizes, uses and maintains the physical environment, tools and technologies related to his/her field. X
8 - He/she analyzes information using techniques known in the field to solve problems, evaluate different options critically in solving problems and solve unpredictable and complex problems. X X
9 - He/she follws the developments and applications related to the field and use them in practice. X
10 - He/she makes abstract and theoretical inferences from the applications in his / her field. X X
11 - She/ he makes self evaluation. X
Knowledge 1 - He/she has a comprehensive and systematic knowledge of concepts, theories, principles and facts in his / her field and near disciplines. X X X X
2 - He/she has knowledge about the phases and processes of service delivery in the field. X X
3 - He/she has knowledge about internal and external environmental factors related to the organizations in their field, their parts and interrelations and interactions, management, policies and strategies. X X
4 - He/she has a basic knowledge of field-specific research methods. X
5 - Has knowledge related to legal regulations, professional standards and production of his/her field. X X X
6 - Has a detailed knowledge about occupation, job which is related to his/her field. X X X
7 - He/she has knowledge about importan issues and alternative solution ways in his/her field or near field. X X X
Competences Working Independently and Taking Responsibility 1 - He/she works effectively with others and independently X
2 - He/she works as a team member, takes responsibility and leads the team. X
3 - He/she develops the professional knowledge and skills of the people whom they work with and evaluate their performance. X
4 - In complex and unpredictable situations, he/she behaves uniquely and autonomously in solving problems and decides on his/her own. X X
5 - He/she manages or transforms service processes and jobs that require complex, unpredictable and new strategic approaches related to the his/her field. X
6 - He/she manages himself and time and he makes self criticism. X
7 - He/she manages technical and professional activities or projects in complex and unpredictable circumstances related to his/her field. X X
9 - He/she manages the professional development of individuals or groups working under his/her responsibility X X
Learning Competence 1 - He/she learn to improve their professional knowledge, skills and competence. X
2 - He/she follows current developments related to his field and profession at national and international level. X
3 - He/she improves himself/herself personally and professionally by increasing his/her knowledge, skills and competencies in order to take more responsibility. X X
4 - He/she updates and develops knowledge, skills and competencies in his/her field with the awareness of lifelong learning. X X X
Communication and Social Competence 1 - He/she establishes effective interpersonal and intercultural communication and conducts group work. X X
2 - He presents knowledge, discussion and analysis to experts in and out of field. X
3 - Communicates verbally and in written in a foreign language at least at the B1 General Level of European Language Portfolio. X
4 - He/she uses information and communication technologies together with computer software at the advanced level of European Computer Using License required by the field. X X X
Field Specific Competence 1 - He/she regularly evaluate situtation of health, safety and risk related to his/her field and collects information for this purpose. X
2 - He/she carries out the works in the field within the framework of laws and professional standards. X
3 - He/she adheres to the ethical values ​​of his/her field and has social responsibility. X
4 - He/she has sufficient awareness of the privacy and confidentiality of the private lives of the persons served and takes the necessary measures in this regard. X X
5 - He/she takes into account the human health, social and natural environment while carrying out the works related to his/her field. X X
6 - He oversees fundamental rights and freedoms and is sensitive to differences between people and cultures; shows tolerance and respect them. X X
7 - He/she interprets the legal legislation related to his/her field and approaches the current assumptions from his/her quizzical perspective. X X
8 - He/she pays attention for his/her ​​personal care, hygiene, clothing and appearance Required by the field. X