ECTS - - Master of Business Administration (Non-Thesis) (English)

1 To have the skills of understanding, explaining and using the concepts and methods of the main areas of business (management, production, marketing, accounting, finance)
2 Using technology required by accounting and finance.
3 Analyzing information and reports on markets and businesses and setting goals with respect to results of the analysis.
4 Following and evaluating the global and national developments related to businesses and making financial decisions
5 In order to settle an innovative risk taking business, to gain ability in finding initial capital, applying market research and preparing a business plan and etc. with dynamic and innovative perspective.
6 To use of information obtained from the management functions at the project implementation process
7 An ability to have oral and written communication skills particular to accounting and finance and use these skills effectively in professional relations
8 Compliance with rules of social and business ethics and to the principles of social responsibility
9 An ability to use life-long learning approach in order to adapt one’s self to the constantly changing environmental factors (technological, political, economical, and socio cultural etc.)
10 An ability to conduct research on accounting and finance and reporting the outcomes to the related parties
11 Taking responsibility within the teamwork, thinking critically and taking initiative in problem solving.
12 Having knowledge about law required by accounting and finance