ECTS - Master's in International Trade and Logistics (Thesis)

1 Obtaining wide knowledge about both Turkey and Global World Trade along with economics.
2 Increasing skills on trade and logistics by getting modern and current trade and logistics knowledge.
3 Getting current extensive knowledge about international business, global marketing, international distribution, international management, logistics, microeconomics, macroeconomics, international economics and policy, international trade theory, foreign trade regulation, customs procedures, international marketing research and international investment.
4 Getting analytical and conceptual foresight and evaluation skills on international business, international logistics, international economics, international trade.
5 Getting knowledge about logistics, distribution channels and its sub chanelles, wholesaling and retailing, on an international level.
6 Getting opportunity working in current positions and being candidate upper positions in the future along with international trade and logistics field.
7 Getting opportunity to evaluate international business, trade and economics along with global perspective.
8 Getting wide knowledge about export and import transactions and their applications.
9 Improving management skills by the knowledge that is usable in daily life.
10 Getting knowledge about international trade law and regulations.
11 Getting a wider perspective and evaluating opportunities on macro environment of international business.