It is one of the most important undergraduate programs of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences which makes purchase with TM-1 point type. The purpose of the finance department is to educate financially and administratively equipped individuals in the public and private sectors.
In the department, students with good numerical skills, strong ability to analyze, comprehension and interpretation skills are very successful. Nevertheless, there are less numerical courses in the Finance department than in Economics and Business Studies. 


The Department of Finance is a multidisciplinary field consisting of a combination of economics, law and accounting.
Fundamentally, Finance Science 4 examines a combination of discipline.

1) Theory of Finance: The theoretical and historical foundations of the science of finance are taught here. In the courses such as Tax Theory, Public Finance, and Finance Theory, theoretical background is provided to the students.
2) Fiscal Policy: It deals with the science of finance by associating with the science of economics. In this discipline which is related to public economics, economic policy, monetary policy, money-bank, etc., Kamu PUBLIC INCOME AND EXPENSE AND HOW TO GIVE THE ECONOMY POLICY İktis is answered.
3) Financial Law: This is the section where the science of finance is directly related to the field of law. Students are required to have sufficient legal background in financial issues by giving courses such as Turkish Tax System, Tax Law, Budget Law, Expenditure Law, Law of Negotiable Instruments, Law of Obligations, Commercial Law.
4) Financial Planning: The functioning structure of the central and local administrations deals with issues such as the preparation of revenues and expenditures (budget). In addition, students are provided with sufficient level of accounting information to know the practical applications for the balance of income


Graduates of the Department of Finance can benefit from every job opportunity given to the graduates of the Department of Economics and Administrative Sciences. The graduates of the department can be assigned to the Group A staff (Assistant Inspector, Assistant Expert) with a hard work and KPSS score. If the KPSS score again with the same office as we called the B group cadres can be settled. The graduates of the department of Finance can also take the exam for the Administrative Judgeship and become the Auditor of the Court of Accounts. The courses they have taken during their 4 years of education allow them to be successful in these exams. In the private sector, they can work in the accounting offices, in the administrative financial affairs or in the human resources departments of the companies.