Our department has been accepting undergraduate students since 2001. Academic staff consists of 3 full professors, 7 associate professors, 6 assistant professors, 3 instructors and 2 research assistants. Atilim University, Department of Mathematics is one of the leading mathematics departments in Turkey both with respect to the qualitative and quantitative properties of publications in respected SCI journals and with respect to the quality of education.



The first two years of the curriculum of the Department of Mathematics consists of basic mathematics courses and courses providing the backgrounds of computer science. Third and fourth years of the program consist of both basic compulsory courses and technical, non-technical and cultural elective courses. Elective courses enrich the mathematical knowledge of the students and direct them to perform academic studies. In addition, these courses contain various applications of mathematics, so that the students of the department can find jobs in their areas of interests at an appropriate level after their graduation. Furthermore, the program allows the students to choose elective courses from other departments and become knowledgeable in other areas as well.


The program of department gives an opportunity to those students who attend certain courses to get Certificate in Mathematical Finance or Cryptography in addition to the B. Sc. Degree in Mathematics.



In order to increase job opportunities of our graduates and prepare them for an M. Sc. degree in Mathematical Finance and Cryptography, our department offers two certificate programs which contain courses providing the necessary backgrounds in these areas.


i) Certificate in Mathematical Finance: This program consists of 11 courses and summer practice. Five of the courses are compulsory and four of the courses are elective courses of the Mathematics Department, two of the courses are courses offered at the Departments of Economy and Management. 

ii) Certificate in Cryptography: The program consists of 11 courses and a final project. Six of the courses are compulsory and 5 of the courses are elective courses of the Mathematics Department.


Double Major and Minor Programs:

Students of the Mathematics department can complete Double major and Minor programs at some departments of the Faculty of Engineering as well as at the Departments of Finance and Management. In addition, students from other departments can apply for a Double Major or Minor programs at the Mathematics Department. Students who complete a Double Major program receive two separate diplomas.