ECTS - - Manufacturing Engineering Master of Science Program with Thesis

The Graduate program of Manufacturing Engineering Department has been established with the primary mission of providing a quality higher engineering education to prepare Manufacturing Engineers, who have the ability to incorporate today technologies and engineering creativity by utilizing from resources, time, money and labor in the most efficient way without disregarding environmental facts. With its strong laboratory resources and research experience the program will provide engineering skills that enhance the understanding of the applications of engineering sciences and the realization of the importance of lifelong learning. Our vision is to create a nationally and internationally known institution with its high quality teaching and research team, laboratories and research center.


The aims of the program are to educate the students in basic/advanced manufacturing technologies used in industry.  Students are motivated to take part in group studies and have analytical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills. The program aims to educate graduates who adopt the philosophy of manufacturing and follow the global trends and advances in manufacturing technologies. It especially aims to establish the philosophy of efficient manufacturing processes which require students to have a combined expertise in computer aided engineering together with implementation studies. Language of instruction(s) is English.