The conditions for taking courses and credit in doctoral program are stated below. Applied Chemistry Doctorate Program is planned to cover 240 ECTS credit courses and research studies.

PhD program consists of at least 6 courses, not less than 18 credits (30 ECTS), research methodology course (5 ECTS), seminar (5 ECTS),  qualification exam (30 ECTS), thesis proposal (20 ECTS), thesis studies (150 ECTS). Undergraduate courses are not counted towards course load and doctoral credits.

The proposal of any course thesis advisor to be taken from outside the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciencies  shall be examined and approved within the scope of this article with the approval of the relevant Major Science Department of Graduate School and Board of Directors of Graduate School. A maximum of three courses may be taken from the Major Science Department of Graduate School of PhD programs and master programs outside the program department where the student is registered  in the  Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciencies. These lessons are counted in the student's course load with the advisors recommendation and the decision of  Board of Directors of Graduate School.

The credited courses to be taken within the Applied Chemistry Ph.D. Program consist of the following courses in two different groups:

Area Elective Courses: It consists of courses in five focus areas (Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry) defined in the Ph.D. program.

Technical Elective Courses:  It is the group in which the courses to be prepared include specific topics that are focused on the subject of the thesis.

Chemistry Engineering and Applied Chemistry Department, Applied Chemistry PhD Program is designed solely with thesis.