ECTS - - Public Law Master's (Without Thesis) Program

1) Skills to understand, compare and paraphrase the basic concepts of law as a jurist following common principles of law.
2) Skills to solve problems using a critical point of view when necessary , to determine and analyse the theoretical and implementation problems of law
3) Contribution to understanding, planning, exercising and coordinating the functionss of law, by explaining and practising
4) Skills to understand the strategic, tactical and practical sides of public law.
5) Skills to understand the local, national, international, universal and supranational sides of public law
6) Skills to understand the modern methods and differences of law
7) Skills to participate in/inter disciplinary group works successfully
8) Skills to adopt open minded behaviors in the way of learning and attempting
9) Skills to assimilate and carry the rules of ethics and profession within the framework of social responsibility
10) Skills to use Turkish efficiently in writing and speaking, and have the communication talent that is required by a law related career
11) Skills to approach critically and creatively on the legal and social problems in terms of rule of law and ideal of justice
12) Skills to understand and practice the national and international sides of law through case law and judicial implementations
13) Skills to prepare/present a written or oral academic study within the framework of acedemic ethic and rules
14) Skills to use vocational information technologies efficiently in solving legal problems
15) Skills to reinforce knowledge of foreign languages and command of legal terminolgy